Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wicked Wednesday -- Space Age Witch

For the last Wicked Wednesday of the year, we have one of the centerpieces of my vintage Halloween collection*...

This little beauty was a gift from my friend Denis, who has a similar hankering for mid-Century Halloween goodies.  Given that she has forsaken her broom and is instead astride a jet (or rocket?), I assume she's from the late 50s or early 60s (maybe later, although I don't remember her from my 70s childhood).
Denis actually found 2 of these at a yard sale or estate sale for something less than a dollar (I think).  Being such a good friend, he gave me the one in better shape with all three yellow wheels intact; the one he kept has missing nosegear.   This is amazing for a few reasons:  (1) my guess is that she originally retailed for about 29 cents, (2) I'm not sure I would have been as selfless in sharing, and (3) you would not believe what these go for up here in the northeast at antique shops.
Sometime after receiving my gift, I tripped across one of her crone sisters at an antique mall in Adamstown, PA.  Check out the price tag!!
Wow!  I checked again this year and didn't see her, so I guess someone insane bought her, or they had a hell of a sale!
She holds a place of honor on my Halloween mantle.
*Unfortunately, I was such a slacker over the past couple weeks, I failed to post any of my vintage Halloween masks -- oh well, there's always next year's Countdown....

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Hope you have a Happy Hallowe'en!