Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House Afire! -- Universal Studios Tour 1973

I picked up this postcard last winter for 50 cents at an antique mall in Maryland.  I love how random it is to see Frankenstein's monster in front of this burning colonial in Southern California. 

This was obviously a stop on the famous Universal Studios tram tour.  I'm guessing that it's no longer there.

Although I have visited Southern California several times to visit my brother Chris, I have never gotten past the Citywalk area and actually gone into the park.  I would love to do so, just to see Hill Valley.   But the timing has never worked out, mainly because my brother Chris likes to take naps and we have invariably ended up in the Universal City area sometime around naptime, when he says we really should be getting back to San Diego.

Here's the back of the card, so you can read about the awesome trip Janet Lee had back in July 1973.  (wouldn't it have been cool if it was signed by Janet Leigh instead?!?)

I would not have guessed that they filmed the Lucy show (really, Here's Lucy by this time) on the Universal lot -- I figured either Desilu still had a studio or it would have been at CBS Television City.

I wonder if there are any old home movies of this scene -- I just can't imagine how they played it out... Did he just stand there, growling "Fire!!.... BAD!!" or did he chase the tram?  It's so goofy, I love it.


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Goofy, yeah, but great!

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