Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghoulish Game Night --- Which Witch?

Tonight we pulled out one of my favorite childhood games...

Originally produced by Milton Bradley in 1970, it's a simple roll and move game, made even better by its three dimensional setup and ingenious booby traps.
You pick your mover (red and blue are the boys, yellow and green are the girls), and start your journey through this haunted house in The Broom Room.
After each roll, you pick a card adorned by one of the three witches -- Wanda the Wicked will turn you into a mouse, rendering you immobile until you get a Glenda the Good card.
The Ghoulish Gerty card sends the "whammy ball (bearing)" down the chimney which triggers one of the booby traps (in this case a propped up broom) and can send anyone in the "Danger Zone" back to the last blue X.
Stupid and silly, but fast-moving and fun as each player encounters a series of predicaments.  The "whammy ball" has a tendency to send those kids flying!
Here's the Witchin' Kitchen and Spell Cell:
The final room is the Bat's Ballroom, where you must ascend the stairs (where the whammy ball may roll down any minute).
With it's many plastic pieces and cardboard walls, this is a hard game to find in complete, undamaged condition.  My original copy was long since scattered to the winds, and I had looked on Ebay many times over the past several years (but those prices are ridiculous!).
Then, two years ago I tripped across this copy (in a smaller box than I had -- this gameboard/floor folds in the center) for only $7.00!  All it was missing was a single die.



Anonymous said...

Heather and Greg had this. Good times, good times...

Caffeinated Joe said...

Looks fun! Never played it, myself.