Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Card 2008

Last year's Christmas card was an homage to the classic 1963 LP "A Christmas Gift for you from Philles Records".

We used this as the cover to a greatest hits "mix-tape" CD I made for co-workers.

Tomorrow's post will be the first in a series of Christmas records you should be listening to this year.

No definitive plan yet for the design of this year's card.

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karen said...

Joe, I love your blog! You have so many interesting facts to share, I have always said that Kara was the Queen of useless knowledge. Now I know who the King is. Keep up the interesting facts. By the way somehow I didn't get a copy of last years card. If you still have one please see that I get it, it's great. Can't wait to see this years. Love you, Aunt K